EC Apparatus Power Supply EC3000-90팝니다

Versatile reliable and easy to use. From SDS-PAGE to DNA sequencing to multiple-step IEF these high-voltage power supplies will handle all routine electrophoretic applications. All models operate in constant voltage constant current and constant power operating modes with automatic crossover. Four sets of output connectors are included for running multiple gels which allow more experiments to be run in less time. Each unit features a stackable cabinet design and is compact and lightweight. Safety features include ground leakage detection no load detection overcurrent detection and overheating detection.

Programmable models feature a large LCD screen to display complete run information on one screen and a large LED readout of voltage is provided so it can be easily seen. The simple-to-use “smart key” approach to programming eliminates confusion and the need to constantly refer to the operating manual. At each step in programming the power supply presents options in a clear concise language. The user simply presses the “smart key” corresponding to his/her choice. Three different operating modes are available - run integrate and program. In the run mode enter voltage current power time and push “run”. The integrate mode provides built-in volt-hour and milliamp-hour integrator functions to control runs. Program mode offers the option of writing and saving multiple-step electrophoresis runs. Up to 20 programs each having ten different steps can be stored.

Quadruple display models utilize sophisticated microprocessor technology to make operations simple and accurate. Digital encoders replace conventional adjustment control while retaining the convenience of knobs. A built-in 100-hour up/down timer accommodates timed runs. When set it functions as a countdown timer and ends the run at time zero.

All units feature an auto-restart function to prevent loss of valuable samples; four sets of 4 mm recessed output terminal connectors; maximum 999999 V-hour integrator; maximum 99999 mA-hour integrator; 99999 maximum W-hour integrator and a 00:00 - 99:59 timer. They also store a 20 stored programs with a maximum of 10 steps per program.



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