Voltage multi-tester with phase rotation  검상기 겸용 검전기
DETEX 911/2 (CATU/프랑스)


= AC or DC voltage test
= Polarity test
= Phase/neutral identification
= Phase rotation
= Continuity test
= Operating check
= IEC-61243-3

AC, DC Voltage Test
Voltage level testing by light-emmitting diodes: 12, 24, 50, 127, 230, 400V and emission of audible signal.
Polarity Test
Presence of AC voltage signaling by lighting of +12 and -12V diodes.
Presence of DC voltage signaling by lighting of +12 or -12V diode.
Phase/neutral identification
Signaling by lighting of the +12V and -12V diodes with audible signal when the red probe is in contact with the phase.
Phase rotation
Signaling by lighting of a green diode when the rotation is correct and by a red diode when the rotation is not correct. Control method with two safety test probes.
Continuity test
Continutity resistance lower than 80 Ohms is indicated by lighting of all diodes and emission of audible signal.
Operating check
By short-circuit on the probes; all of the diodes light up, the audible signal sounds.
Field of use
from 12 to 400V AC and DC
Operating temp.
Storage temp.
Protection level
Double insulation
Class II
Power supply
9V 6LR61 type alkaline battery

※ 기본사양 : 검전기 겸용 검상기 DETEX911/2 
※ 판매금액 : 협상 (절충가능) 

매물분류 : 전기/전자/계측장비 > 계측/측정장비 
제조일자 : 미상  
제조사 :  
위치 : 전체 
가격할부 : 불가능  
인도조건 : 없음  
매물상태 : 신품

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